We (Vertex Ventures US) have been investors in Very Good Security (VGS) from the very beginning: we led the seed round in 2016 and have participated in both VGS’s Series A and B financings. Our philosophy as a firm is to make a limited number of investments per year so we can hyper-focus on providing support to our portfolio founders.

When we initially invested, the company was 6 people and had a vision for being a secure financial transaction proxy. Over the subsequent four years, the company has grown to over 180 employees, has raised two financing rounds totaling $45…

Our Seed partnership with OpsLevel

Today I am excited to share the news of Vertex US’s partnership with OpsLevel’s founders John Laban and Ken Rose. I could wax poetic about John Laban and Ken Rose’s engineering prowess from experiences building innovative products at DevOps GOATs PagerDuty, Amazon, and Shopify. Instead, I’d like to focus on what I believe is one of the biggest problems lurking below the surface in every major engineering team.

Service Ownership.

How does an organization define who “owns” a service? When a new engineer joins, how will she figure out what components to use, how to…

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As we continue to navigate how the world has changed, companies around the world are making decisions about how the workplace must change, too. We held a virtual breakfast with People leaders from Earnin, Evisort, HashiCorp, LaunchDarkly, Tulip, Very Good Security, Vir Bio, and more, to learn about how their companies are adapting to Covid-19’s impact on the way people work and what that means for the future of work. Here’s a look into how these leaders are moving forward.

No Hard Return Date

Although many leaders shared estimated return dates ranging from winter to summer 2021 to help employees…

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Who We Are is Who We Invest In

Vertex Ventures US is an upstart venture capital team in a world filled with staid, stalwart funds. We enjoy creating and investing in enterprising founders challenging big markets through software and data to take advantage of the shift from human speed to machine speed business.

Vertex Ventures US is recruiting a Head of Marketing Communications to lead marketing communications, branding, and content for the firm as the firm’s story-teller in chief. This person will also work with Vertex US’s portfolio companies to advise them on their public relations and external communications strategies. The core activities include:

  • Design the external communications…

Like so many others, I am outraged at the senseless violence, police brutality and unequal treatment endured by people of color in America.

We cannot stand by in the face of clear injustice. Black Lives Matter.

These are not truths that we are just realizing today. I call upon my fellow venture investors to join me in pledging to do even more.

Please give until it hurts, and then give more. If you’ve already made donations, make them again. Match yourself. There are numerous great organizations. …

Since 2015, we’ve been investing early (often first!) in enterprising founders who have envisioned and prescribed technological solutions for transforming work and improving how business gets done. Today, we’re officially announcing our $150M sophomore fund (Fund II) which will continue to back folks who dream up new applications and services to solve those problems at scale.

In these past five years, we’ve partnered with founders bringing 3D printing to engineering and manufacturing and transforming how businesses communicate internally, approach data and network security, manage operations and bring new software services to market. …

Today, our portfolio company Very Good Security (VGS) announced a Series B led by Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division. We are incredibly proud of the VGS team’s progress and the product they’ve built since we initially partnered with them in 2016. We invested in VGS’s idea that businesses should be able to operate on sensitive data without holding the data themselves and are thrilled to see that idea become a reality for so many lucky VGS customers.

What VGS has created is significant for a hundred reasons. One of those reasons is particularly notable as we (society) continue through what…

We took a bet on Shahar, Noam, Jeff, and Ram before SpaceIQ was even a rough idea. We knew the team was special and worked with them to figure out what their next project would be. They exhibited the grit and curiosity we find compelling about early-stage teams. After a long summer of many dead ends, they hit upon workplace management — a $20B TAM for software. …

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Introducing the First Cloud Native Network Security Platform

We learned through conversations with many F500 companies that current firewalls weren’t sufficient protection against content-based attacks, particularly for encrypted traffic (e.g., SSL). Despite some cloud vendors offering point-solutions, there were no platforms that (1) met performance requirements, (2) were easily managed, and (3) could span local networks and multi-cloud environments. CISOs repeatedly pointed out performance and orchestration as key friction points slowing down cloud deployments.

Heretofore, enterprises adopting the public cloud had no choice but to implement brittle security technology that (1) involved stitching together disparate vendors, (2) interacting with multiple management systems, and (3) suffered from unpredictable and…

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Overview of feature flags

DevOps was not created solely on the idea that developers and operations should play nice together. DevOps is the cultural transformation organizations go through on the road to modern application delivery. The end goal is the ability to release high-quality software more frequently. The new DevOps teams enhance collaborations between development, operations, and quality assurance teams to facilitate continuous integration, testing, and delivery of software.

At Velocity 2009, Flickr engineers John Allspaw and Paul Hammond presented a talk about how they deployed 10+ times per day. There was nearly a revolt at Yahoo! (Flickr’s parent at the time, today Flickr…

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